BTS: American Girl On The Runway Instagram Photo Contest

Peek behind the scenes as we audition for this photo contest!

"Only six people will get accepted ... and Instagram has hundreds of talented photographers with years of experience ... do I have a chance?"

It is Christmastime - the busiest season of the year; and I am trying to get ready for my first ever doll photoshoot. I have never done this before and I am nervous!

The American Girl On The Runway Photo Contest is limited to 6 contestants. Each round is 10 days long, with a different theme for the photo. That means new costumes and new sets for each round - and I am barely acquainted with my new camera.

American Girl Doll #27 with a Christmas creche
"I have never done a doll photoshoot before ... can I really do this?"

Getting Accepted to the Challenge

This was my audition photo to get accepted into the contest. This was actually my very first doll photo shoot; I am not an experienced doll photographer. I am looking forward to improving as the challenge progresses though!

"Christmas is coming ... the deadline is coming ... my mother is coming ... do I even have fabric for a dress?"

Behind the Scenes - The Dress

This is a green dress.

Well, not literally green, but it is upcycled. It was a polyester georgette blouse from a thrift store, and the waistband was the front placket of the blouse. The headband is made from stretch mesh, and it was a one day build (which included pattern drafting). Time is short, so the dress had to be quick.

"I'm pretty sure that Nan won't mind that I stole her mini Chirstmas tree ..."

Behind the Scenes - The Set

Most of the items in the set came from thrift stores, including the adorable gold resin nativity scene. Except for the 3 foot tall Christmas tree which was *just* lying around ... but I am sure that Nan won't miss it too much. I hope.

I was really happy that I was able to get some decent boca (the lights in the background being all blurry); my recent camera purchase was an upgrade, and it can do a lot more than my old camera did.

While I am not new to photography, I have never done a doll photoshoot before - and I was nervous! Looking at the incredible doll photography on AGIG (American Girl Instagram), I was sure I couldn't match it; certainly not the first time around.

"You weren't the only one who was nervous!" - Lisa

Meet Lisa, American Girl Just Like You #27

Our lovely doll model, chosen from the Dollie Dreams collection of 18" dolls is an American Girl Just Like You number 27 that we named Lisa. She is hard working, punctual, and loves cats and dogs. She has the sweetest disposition and is always hugging everyone.

Lisa is really excited about the photo competition - she has never been in one before! She was really nervous at first, but she is learning modeling very quickly. She is making some great friendships with the other contestants and is really happy to be auditioning. Ellen, however, is still a nervous wreck!

Accepted! On to Round One - Winter Theme

Click here to read about Round One!

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